Bodegas Muga

Bodegas Muga is located in the historical Barrio de La Estación (railway station district) in Haro. The Muga wine cellars were founded in 1932 by Isaac Muga Martínez who originated from a family with strong ties to the wine-making industry. The facilities are two centuries old, built mainly of stone and oak. Oak is paramount in the winery.

In Muga wines you find both tradition and modernity side by side. They are an exact reflection of very specific climatic and geographic features, and that’s why they have a pronounced personality that seperates them from other Spanish Wines.

MugaWhiteMuga Barrel Fermented White

On the nose there is clear examples of pears and apples, with both green and ripe nuances at once, white blossom follows with vague hints of honey. Since the grapes are from rather old viura vines there is a strong mineral component which fills the mouth with flavour.



MugaReservaMuga Reserva Tinto

Powerful, intense and very lively, anxious to please from the start. Almost perfect mingling of red-berry fruit and toasted oak aromas on the nose, with the fruit coming to the fore on the palate and rounding off a supple, balanced overall effect.



MugaSeleccionEspecialMuga Seleccion Especial

Oozing elegance from the outset with rich toasted aromas telling of elegant wood, accompanied by black and red – berried fruit, abounding in ripeness. A warm attack and a dense supple mouth feel which overflows with plentitude.



Muga “Gran Reserva” Prado Eneabmugapradoenea

On the nose there is a wide range of spicy aromas which are slightly superimposed over those of the fruit, flanked by very fine, fresh hints of leather. The wine fills the entire mouth with flavour right from the start, lingering for a few minutes afterwards. The aftertaste leaves traces of spices such as cloves and black pepper.



Purple red in colour. Very precide balance between red berry fruit and oak spiciness resulting in a very smooth finish with the spiciness more prominent on the palate.