Tooma River

ToomaRiverChardonnayTooma River Chardonnay Reserve

This wine is packed with grapefruit, lime and melon flavours, all bound up with a zesty, crisp citrus balance which cuts through to the finish.



ToomaRiverCabernetSauvignonTooma River Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

Luxury blackcurrant aromas with hints of mint and delivers a powerful, concentrated palate of ripe blackcurrant and fig flavours, finishing supple and textured.



Shiraz Reserve:

Shiraz has found its natural home in the sun kissed Australian vineyard, where it produces a ripe, fruit forward style loved for its immediate approachability. This Reserve Shiraz is no exception, with a rich nose redolent with red and black berry aromas and a smooth, textured palate dripping with juicy dark fruits, hints of chocolate and lively spices.