Comans have developed a number of beer and cider brands. The most well known Comans beer brands are Dutch Gold, Karpackie and Prazsky. These beer brands are all well established within the Irish Market. Comans also own the famous cider brand Druids Celtic which is the second largest selling cider brand in Ireland. Comans are also the agency for a large number of beers and ciders from all over the World.

Dutch Gold – Go Dutch

Dutch Gold is one of the most iconic lagers in Ireland since its launch in 1995. Dutch Gold is a 4.0% A.B.V. pilsner lager beer with a crisp, clean, fresh flavour. It is an excellent quality beer at a value for money price.
Dutch Gold is available in the following variants: 50cl cans, 4 pack, 6 pack, 8 pack and 12 pack. It is stocked in all good off-licences including Tesco, Dunnes, Supervalu, Spar, Londis, Molloys, O’Brien’s, O’Donovans, Barrys of Mallow and many more. For more information on Dutch Gold check out the website at or like Dutch Gold on Facebook.

Hüfi Beer is a fresh, new beer inspired by the Hüfi Glacier in the Swiss Alps, recently launched in Ireland. It is Gluten Free and has only 140 calories per 500ml serve. It has an ABV of 4.2% per can, the same as most standard beers.

Hufi is also available in 33cl bottle, as well as a 3pk bottles, with only 93 calories per bottle.










prazskyPrazsky Czech lager – Pure and Simple

Prazsky was launched in Ireland in 2003. Prazsky is a premium Czech style lager brewed to an award winning, traditional recipe passed down through generations since 1899, using only the finest hops, malt and water. A top quality lager with a consistency in flavour means it is one of the most popular Eastern European Beers on the Irish Market.
Prazsky is available in the following variants: 50cl can, 4 Pack, 6 Pack and 8 Pack.

Druids Celtic Cider

Druids Cider is the second largest cider brand in Ireland. This premium, full flavoured Celtic cider has been inspired by the divine fruit of the ancient Druids and captures the magic of apples harvested at the point of ripe perfection. Druids has an A.B.V. of 6% and is produced using 100% apple, resulting in a rich apple flavour and crisp aroma making it the perfect refreshment.
Druids is available in the following variants : 50cl cans, 4 Pack, 6 Pack and 8 Pack. For more information please like Druids Facebook Page.

Karpackie – Karpackie
karpackie-canIntroduced in 2007 to the Irish Market, Karpackie is the best selling Polish Lager in Ireland. It is brewed using only natural ingredients and finished to a premium quality. Karpackie has an A.B.V of 5% and it is very popular with both Irish and Polish consumers. Karpackie is available in 50cl cans, 4 packs, 6 packs, 8 packs and 330ml bottles.
Santa Cruz – Santa Cruz

santacruzboxandbottle-1Santa Cruz is an extremely light, golden, innovative, Mexican Style beer that leaves a hint of lemon on the finish. There is a sassy, mischievous, fun charisma surrounding the brand. The unique flavour of the beer makes it a popular choice for both males and females. An extremely easy to drink beer, perfect for summer barbeques or for chilling with friends!! Santa Cruz is available in 12 x 330ml packs.

Lomza – Lomza

“Craft beer with a soul”
Lomza prides itself on its origin and superior quality. There are only the finest ingredients used in brewing the different Lomza beers and this is reflected in the outstanding quality of the beer. There are three variants available:

Lomza Export
Lomza Export: It is the most popular product within the Lomza Brewery range and is a crisp, clear lager with plenty of hoppy flavours.

Lomza Non Pasteurised: This is a non-pasteurised version of Lomza Export, extremely fresh and produced to the highest standards. There is great care taken to preserve its taste quality, specific to beer brewed in a local brewery.

Lomza Unfiltered: An intense beer that is medium bodied with a mellow texture. A very refreshing beer where the original yeast taste gives a unique character to the beer.

Rosie’s Dew – Rosie’s Dew

RosiesDew3BottlesRosie’s Dew is made with the finest apples picked at their ripest to create a cider that’s crisp and refreshing. It has a sweet aroma that transfers onto the palate and appeals to both males and females. Rosie’s Dew is available in 50cl cans, 4 pack cans and 2 Litre bottles.

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